Save the Elephant Foundation, Thailand


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ELEI and Save the Elephant Foundation

Each day will be filled with a new exploration of the Asian elephants of Thailand. ELEI has chosen Save the Elephant Foundation because we trust the practices and the ways in which the elephants are cared for and how they give back to the local communities. We believe they are leaders in teaching the Thai people a new way to interact and care for their elephants. There are a limited about of Asian elephants (around 30-40,000) left in the wild. The ones that are no longer wild have been domesticated from the tourism and/or lodging industry. The elephants have been rescued from inhumane practices and are living out their days in different projects with Save the Elephant Foundation. Specific projects focus on slightly different aspects of elephant care and integration with the local communities like the Karen tribe. In conservation, we cannot care for the elephants without also taking care of the communities that share the same land. The funds for this trip will be given back to the elephants and the local communities.



Save the Elephant foundation Programs 

During this week, we will explore up to 6 elephant rehabilitation programs in up to 6 different locations including  Elephant Nature Park; Karen Experience; Elephant Highlands; Elephant Wellness; Elephant Freedom; and Pamper a Pachyderm. 



Discover how to communicate with the elephants and learn with trained staff. Observe the herd at play and watch them interact in each of their social groups. Overnight stays are all about spending time with the herd and do not adhere to a strict schedule; the best way to make the most of your visit is to relax, watch and learn from the elephants.

Enjoy the chance to feed and bathe the elephants, while observing the communications and interactions between them.





For more than 20 years, Karen tribes have rented their elephants to Elephant Camps because they could no longer legally use the Elephants for logging work. The Karen people have traditionally worked with Elephants but now the tradition is fading.

After seeing other Elephant owners change their way of caring for their Elephants, a group of Elephant owners in Mae Wang area, just south of Chiang Mai city, have agreed to stop renting their Elephants to the trekking industry and have committed to care for the Elephants at their homes with the support of Save Elephant Foundation and forget the trekking chairs.




Set high in the lush northern mountains this project has some the most stunning scenery in the country. Beautiful scenery, elephants bathing, mud baths, awesome jungle walks in the company of rescued elephants make for an unforgettable day.



Elephant Wellness

Elephant Wellness  is a special, small group “saddle off!” program in cooperation with a Traditional Thai Lanna settlement to the north of Chiang Mai city. Our aim here is to improve the life and treatment of the elephants under the care of these independent owners. This trip is suitable for families and guest of all ages. This is a very unique program, learning how to provide the elephant care with Thai herbal treatment.


Elephant Freedom

Elephant Freedom is a special, small group “saddle off” program in cooperation with a Karen settlement to the south-west of Chiang Mai city. Our aim here is to improve the life and treatment of the elephants under the care of these independent owners. This trip is suitable for families and guest of all ages. This trip differs from our other “saddle off programs” as this trip offers just a short walk, ideal for any age group.



An elephant camp neighboring our park has decided to try out our concept of care. So now four lucky female elephants have dumped their trekking seats and their mahout's hooks have been cast aside. Only small groups each day enjoy the honor of observing their freedom and happiness; they walk, they scratch, they swim, they eat, they dust bathe, all at their own pace. May this be the start of a new trend that catches on in the Mae Taeng valley and elsewhere.

Accommodations in Chiang Mai

We will be staying at The Rim in Chiang Mai. The Boutique resort is built in Lanna-Burmese style which is located in the old city along the fascinating canal in the Chiang Mai.

The Old City which is a square area surrounded by ramparts and moats and believed to be constructed in the reign of the King Mantra. There are five gates around the city, which we are at the Pratu Suan Dok Gate; a few minutes to Chiang Mai International Airport, local temples, museums, historical landmark, the weekend market ‘walking streets’, the foothills of Doi Suthep and the Chiang Mai Zoo.



Pricing varies upon length of stay and how many be will be traveling. 


What's Included:

  • All Accomodation
  • All Transportation
  • All Food and Drinks 
  • 2 Thai Massages
  • Temple Tours
  • Old City Market Tour
  • Saturday Night Market Tour
  • Extra Donation to Elephant Nature Park and ELEI

What's Not Included:

  • Plane Tickets
  • Travel Insurance


When booking flights, please keep in mind that the first day begins with dinner on Sunday and ends when we return to the hotel by Saturday. 

When traveling to another country, you may also need to contact your health care provider about any necessary immunizations as well as making sure your passport and possible visas are in order.